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Ceramic Arts Dental Lab

No dentures, no night guards, no partials.  We leave that to the removable appliance experts so we can concentrate on what we do best, Crowns, Bridges and Implants.(pictures)

Specialization allows us to direct our expertise to things like custom designed implant (picture) abutments and provisional implant restorations. (picture) It also allows us to closely supervise all the work that is processed through the laboratory.  This helps with quality control, especially important in the close tolerance world of implants.

As you develop a treatment plan for each patient why not take advantage of a custom  case presentation.  This is especially useful when extensive restorative work is proposed.  We provide a wax-up (picture) of the planned work together with a suggestion of the type of restorations that would give the ideal outcome.  Alternatives are provided, including removable appliances if appropriate. (sample tx)

You will find this especially useful when planning an implant case since this will provide the patient with a good idea of what is possible and appropriate, leading to realistic expectations.  The surgeon will be able to see if bone grafting or soft tissue management is needed to achieve the desired result.

What We Make

At Ceramic Arts we make crowns and bridgework.